Music is Universal

Join us for some amazing music and interesting break-downs of the songs.

What is 902 Youth: Radio?

902 Youth: Radio is a dynamic platform empowering musically inclined youth to showcase their talents alongside established artists while fostering broadcasting skills and cultural awareness in a safe environment. It offers a unique blend of artistic expression and education, nurturing the next generation of music enthusiasts and communicators.


Music Is Universal

Music is universal because it transcends language and culture, evoking emotions and connecting people from diverse backgrounds through its melodies and rhythms. It has the power to convey feelings, stories, and ideas in a way that resonates with individuals worldwide, fostering a shared human experience.

902 Youth: Radio utilizes the universality of music by creating a platform where young people from diverse backgrounds can come together to share and appreciate music from around the world. Through this shared passion, they can build connections, foster cultural understanding, and promote diversity, all while showcasing their own musical talents and gaining valuable broadcasting skills. This allows the program to harness the universal appeal of music to create a positive and inclusive environment for youth.

About 902 Youth

902 Youth Inc., a dynamic non-profit organization based in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Committed to the education, advancement, and overall well-being of today's youth, we are dedicated to preparing young individuals aged 12 to 25 for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Through our innovative programs, both in-person and remote, we strive to empower youth and create a global community that fosters positive change.

At 902 Youth, we firmly believe that actions speak louder than words. We go beyond mere rhetoric and actively engage in initiatives that make a real impact in the lives of young people. Our organization operates on the fundamental principle of building a better world by investing in the next generation.


Our Objectives

Empowering Youth through Music

To provide a platform for young musicians to showcase their talents and gain recognition alongside established artists, fostering their musical growth and self-expression.

Media Education

To teach broadcasting and media skills, enabling participants to develop valuable communication skills and media literacy that can serve them in various career paths.

Cultural Awareness

To introduce youth to music from around the world, promoting cultural diversity and understanding through the universal language of music.

Key Benefits

Participants have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents, gain exposure, and collaborate with celebrated artists, fostering their artistic growth and potential.

Artistic Development

The program offers training in broadcasting and media skills, equipping young people with valuable communication abilities that can be applied in both the media industry and other professional pursuits.

Education and Skill Development

Through exposure to music from different parts of the world, participants gain cultural awareness and broaden their musical horizons, promoting diversity and global understanding.

Cultural Enrichment



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